For The Love of Wine

Millions of Americans enjoy wine. We do too. A glass of wine at the end of a long day is a cherished ritual for millions.. The concept of The Wand™ by PureWine was born out of love for wine with fewer side effects. Developed by a father and son scientific duo, David and Derek Meadows set out to discover a way for people to drink wine without wine allergy and intolerance symptoms. This resulted in a wine purifier, The Wand™ by PureWine.

David Meadows

David is the co-founder and CEO of PureWine Inc, formed in 2014. As a lifelong “tinkerer” and inventor, David set out on a 5-year journey to solve a 9,000-year-old problem – unpleasant reactions to wine consumption. Plagued by headaches and nasal congestion himself, David was motivated to find a way to enjoy wine again. His mission to discover a convenient, efficient method of removing sulfite preservatives and histamines from wine was a success. After consuming countless bottles of “lab supplies,” The Wand™ by PureWine was realized. Say goodbye to wine allergies and hello to Pure Wine!

David uses his unique set of skills to bring this first-in-class product to reality. Until 2013, he was a Research and Development Executive with Novartis (formerly Alcon Laboratories) in Ft. Worth, Texas. During his 20 years with Novartis/Alcon, he led the research teams responsible for developing and commercializing a wide range of new pharmaceutical products and medical devices.. Prior to Alcon, he was a research scientist at Allergan Pharmaceuticals in Irvine, California focused on developing novel approaches to treat sight-threatening diseases.

In addition to PureWine, David has co-founded several companies in the areas of medical diagnostics, sports medicine and consumer package goods. He is actively involved in multiple startup incubators in Florida and Texas, and is a frequent lecturer at the University of Florida, Engineering and Business Schools. With his broad range of experience, he brings an enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurism to the students. To date, he has more than 50 patents and has contributed to over 150 scientific publications.

David enjoys restoring classic automobiles, studying all aspects of wine production and exploring natural wilderness areas with his family and friends. He has also been involved in several humanitarian activities in developing countries.

University of Michigan, Ph.D Chemical Engineering

Purdue University, M.S. Chemical Engineering

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