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The Phoenix Starter Kit






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    Product Features & Details

    The Phoenix® is the only reusable wine purifier and aerator to remove both histamines and sulfites from wine as you pour. Alleviates wine headaches, stuffy nose, skin flushing and next-day hangovers while enhancing the natural taste, aroma and color of the wine.
    The Phoenix® Starter Kit includes a reusable Phoenix® wine pourer and air tube, plus (3) Bio-Pod™ wine purifier cartridges. 
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Removes wine allergy symptoms


Enhances the taste of wine


100% safe & chemical free


Made from reusable & recyclable materials


Made in USA


30 day money back guarantee


Removes wine allergy symptoms


Enhances the taste of wine


100% safe & chemical free


Made from reusable & recyclable materials


Made in USA


30 day money back guarantee

The Phoenix Starter Kit Includes:

• (1) Pouring Device

• (1) Air Tube

• (3) Bio-Pod Wine Purifying Cartridges

Why Choose The Phoenix?

• Reusable & Eco-Friendly

• Eliminates Wine Headaches

• Removes Histamines & Sulfites

• Enhances The Natural Taste Of Wine

• Purifies Wine As You Pour

• Restores Opened Wine Gone Bad

Eco-Friendly & Cost-Effective

You can use The Phoenix® on every bottle of wine as you pour. Simply replace the Bio-Pod™ cartridge after enjoying each bottle of wine.

Quick, Easy & Chemical Free

Patented PureWine™ purification is proven safe and effective in independent tests. Does not add any harsh chemicals to your wine. FDA compliant and BPA-Free.

How To Use The Phoenix

First, carefully hand wash all Phoenix parts before use. Do not expose Bio-Pods to water. Insert the Bio-Pod cartridge into Phoenix Base. Attach Phoenix Cap to Base by matching the tabs on the bottom of Cap to the slots on the top of Base. Twist Cap clockwise and lock into place. Insert Air Tube into Base and then firmly insert Phoenix into wine bottle. Tilt the bottle vertically to pour.

As you begin pouring, there will be a 3-5 second delay as wine filters through the Bio-Pod, purifying your wine. Increase the rate of pour by tilting the bottle more vertically.

Enjoy Life’s Celebrations

Whether it’s Ladies Night Out or a cherished glass of pinot after a long day, PureWine allows you to enjoy life’s celebrations and feel great tomorrow!

Makes A Good Bottle Great!

Now EVERY bottle of wine you drink can be great, without headaches or other pesky allergy symptoms.

Helping Millions Enjoy Wine Again

We’ve sold more than 8-million Wands & Waves and have earned more than 4,000 5-star reviews online.

Fast & Convenient

The Phoenix purifies wine as you pour it out of the bottle - no extra steps, no extra products or additives.

Patented Technology

The only wine purifier that removes histamines and sulfites from all wine types. FDA compliant.

Purifies All Wine Types

The Phoenix purifies all wine types, from red to sparkling rosé. For best performance with certain full-bodied red wines (i.e. Cabernet, Zinfandel, Syrah, Merlot), it is recommended that you pour the entire bottle at once through The Phoenix and into a carafe or wine glasses.

Cheers To A Pure, Allergy-Free Glass Of Wine!

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Disappointing purchase

My husband purchased this as a gift for me. We tried it for the first time this weekend. First 2 glasses we poured it worked great, but when pouring the next 2 the wine started coming out everywhere else but where it was supposed to, so double checked to make sure it was still in securely which is was. Started pouring again and same thing! So needless to say I’m very disappointed in this purchase! As well he purchased the extra filters too! Total waste of money!! 😡

Robin Seilheimer

So originally I submitted a bad review against customer service in trying to return an item that I purchased that I was not happy with. Since then I did receive a phone call from John who was very understanding about my frustration and the mix up with receiving emails with instructions on how to return the item. John immediately refunded my original method of payment and gave me some helpful tips in using some of the other products. That being said I would definitely give some of their other products a try and would recommend their products to my friends who suffer with migrains and stuffiness that occur from drinking red or white wine..


I do like this product. I bought it becuase i started getting headaches with certain brands of wine. So it was a total gamble when i would try one. This really healoed me. I will admit it pours a little slow, but I will happily deal with that to feel as good as I do after having some wine.

Dr. Karen Semien-McBride
It’s a must for me

The first time I bought it and tried it, I was like this is what I have been looking for, asking for from the winery’s, wine store we frequent. It has made the wines taste better and I am less dehydrated in the morning. It has changed my wine drinking experience. I cannot rave enough about this product.

Letitia Garcia
Still deciding

Still deciding to see if the claims justify the purchase