Histamines in Wine? Yes, They’re Making You Sneeze

Histamines in Wine

Histamines in Wine? Yes, They’re Making You Sneeze

If you experience allergic symptoms when you have a glass of red wine – things like sneezing, shortness of breath, skin rashes and headaches – you could have histamine intolerance.

Let’s start with the facts. Histamine is a chemical that your body makes, and it’s also naturally and frequently found in foods and beverages. While excess histamine in your body can behave like an allergy, it’s not an allergy. It’s actually histamine intolerance. Let’s break this down.

According to Histamine.com, an allergic reaction is the result of a malfunction of the immune system that triggers a chemical chain-reaction throughout the body. Intolerance is different. It’s the inability to digest, remove or absorb certain ingredients in a food or beverage, like those in wine.

We Love Wine. But Not Histamines in Wine

Histamines in Wine

Some people can metabolize the histamine in wine, beer and other foods and have no adverse reactions. However, if you’re intolerant to histamine, these undesired reactions can be quite severe. Let’s call it your body’s alarm system to high levels of histamine in your diet.

Red wine normally contains more histamine than white wine. White wine typically contains between 3 to 120 micrograms of histamine per glass, while red wine contains between 60 and 3,800 micrograms of histamine per glass. While the numbers are quite varied, the result is that red wine can cause some allergy-like problems, similar to an onslaught of trees blooming and a dusting of pollen in April.

If you can’t metabolize histamines in wines, the levels in your body continue to increase. Histamine in low doses guards your body against infectious organisms. But, too much histamine can lead to inflammation in your lungs, nose and skin. It can also increase the likelihood that you will experience shortness of breath, chest tightness and trouble breathing while drinking your favorite glass of red wine. You might even notice that your eyes itch and your throat feels scratchy. Or that your digestive systems feels, hmm, uncomfortably not normal.

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