Raise a Glass to End Breast Cancer

PureWine is passionate about wine and giving back to its community.

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Pure Wine is partnering with the Me Squared Cancer Foundation and is giving back 10% of all sales from its pink items on DrinkPureWine.com during October.

Working with cancer foundations is part of PureWine’s long-standing mission of supporting causes at the intersection of wine, health, and wellness. This year, the brand has chosen a group in its home state of Texas.

Me Squared Cancer Foundation helps adults with newly diagnosed cancer in the Dallas Fort Worth area by providing cancer-related educational and financial assistance to ease their journey and give them hope.

"In the midst of my battle with breast cancer a few years ago, I dreamed an impossible dream -- that like me, everyone battling any kind of cancer could get the treatment they need,” said Mimi Tran, Founder, Me Squared Cancer Foundation. “Today, that dream is called Me Squared Cancer Foundation.  With partners like PureWine, who believe in our mission, Me Squared Cancer Foundation is serving newly diagnosed adult cancer patients across the metroplex with cancer-related resources and financial assistance."

PureWine knows the immense challenges those diagnosed with cancer and other illnesses face in their day-to-day lives. That’s why they work with charitable organizations and leading health and wellness centers that have found PureWine products help improve their patients’ quality of life. 

The brand also looks to support communities where people may become isolated due to their health challenges. Wine provides a sense of normalcy when celebrating special events and holidays with friends and family. Bringing people together in a loving and healthy way drives PureWine to continue to innovate and give back to its community. 

PureWine Founders Dr. David Meadows and his son Derek set out to change the way wine drinkers enjoy their favorite glass. The response has been tremendous.

“Little could we imagine while we were hard at work in our lab the immense benefits this would have for communities nationwide,” said David. “Not only are people enjoying their wine without the headache or side effects, but they’re also joining us in our efforts to give back to charitable organizations from day one. Our customers are truly committed to what the company stands for. 


PureWine continues its mission to make the pleasures of wine and its health benefits enjoyable for all. So, go ahead, sip a glass of wine with PureWine this fall and know you’re helping those affiliated with cancer.


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