For the Love of Wine: PureWine Raises Over $12,000 For Local Cancer Foundation

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot. Together we can do great things.” - Mother Teresa.

Thanks to loyal customers, PureWine is ringing in the new year with fantastic news! Its recent give-back initiative benefiting the DFW-based Me Squared Cancer Foundation raised over $12,000 that went directly to this charity. Because of people’s generosity and purchases, so many cancer patients and their families will be helped immediately through emotional and financial assistance.

PureWine's Commitment to Health

PureWine donated 50% of all net proceeds from The Wand 8 Pack Pink, The Wand Pink 32 Pack, and The Rose Gold Phoenix during October. The customer response has been overwhelmingly positive and furthers the brand’s commitment to give back to its community as it grows into a household name.

Wine and giving back have always gone hand-in-hand for PureWine, part of a long-standing mission of supporting causes at the intersection of wine, health, and wellness.

Me Squared Cancer Foundation's Purpose

“Our corporate sponsors, like PureWine, allow us to help newly diagnosed adult cancer patients pay down their medical bills to enable them to get their treatments,” said Mimi Tran, founder of Me Squared Cancer Foundation and a breast cancer survivor herself. “These donations are paid directly to the healthcare provider. Me Squared Cancer Foundation helps newly diagnosed adult cancer patients. Male or female and any type of cancer. Currently, the majority of our grant recipients are breast cancer patients.

“More and more people are applying for financial assistance with Me Squared and because of partnerships like ours with PureWine, we can continue our mission. We are so grateful to PureWine for helping Me Squared with our efforts!”

Tran adds that more than 83% of the donations they received go towards helping patients. 

PureWine's Purpose

People like Tran inspire PureWine Co-Founders Dr. David Meadows and his son Derek to continue doing what they love best. The father and son duo is brilliantly changing how wine drinkers enjoy their favorite glass and always being mindful of how they can help others.

“It does our hearts good to enjoy a glass of wine knowing that every step we take in building our business can in some part help others on their wellness journey,” said David. “Since the beginning, we’ve been touched by the community of wine enthusiasts that love us and what we stand for, together making the love of wine enjoyable for all.”

Let’s raise a glass to the partnership of PureWine and Me Squared Cancer Foundation!

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