The Wine Guide For Beer Lovers

I think that we all have this friend who always says that they only drink beer. While I do understand every single reason why people enjoy beers, I cannot understand how they can miss out on wine and its health benefits. Especially since there are many similarities between these drinks. You don't need to look any farther if you're trying to persuade a friend to stop picking sides in the unending war between wine and beer lovers. Or if you're a beer fan attempting to make the transition from the taproom to the tasting room. This wine guide for beer lovers is for you!

Wines for Beer Lovers List

White Wine Guide For Beer Lovers

Sauvignon Blanc is for Pilsner Lovers

The first match in our wine guide for beer lovers starts with the lighter option. Pilsners are among the easiest beers to drink due to the great balance of body, sweetness, bitterness, and spiciness in this style. These beers are crisp and refreshing, similar to a Sauvignon Blanc. Surprisingly, this wine is sweet and spicy at the same time. It has a strong hoppy and fragrant flavor similar to a Pilsner.

Chardonnay for Wheat Beer Fans

Wheat beers are known for being smooth and creamy, and even sweet at times. Wheat ales are refreshing and have a rich mouthfeel. If you like wheat beers, you'll probably enjoy a glass of Chardonnay because it's invigorating and has a creamy, smooth flavor. Chardonnays have a distinct lemon flavor, similar to the citrusy scents and flavors of wheat ales. Wheat beers and Chardonnays are also very similar in the sense that they are both complex, while still being refreshing and easy-to-drink.

Red Wines for Beer Lovers

Red Wine Guide for Beer Lovers

Pinot Noir for Pale Ale Drinkers

Pale Ales are typically richer and have a fuller body than lighter beers. Their popularity is based on the fact that they are well balanced and not overly bitter. A Pinot Noir is a perfect alternative for Pale Ales. It might be a red wine but it’s on the not-too-bitter end of the spectrum of reds as it is low on tannins. The chemical compounds responsible for the bitterness in wines. However, Pinot Noirs still have a great body and since it is lighter. It can be served at a cooler temperature.

Merlot for Brown Ale Enthusiasts

When you think of a brown ale the first thing that comes to mind is its characteristic toasty and nutty aromas. These aromas are also very prominent in oak aged Merlots along with hints of vanilla, mocha and graphite. Both of these drinks have full bodies and hearty but silky finishes.

Bordeaux for Classic Porters Fans

Porters might be medium bodied but they are also very dark and earthy. They might be easy to drink but they do have a strong mouthfeel. We can definitely say that people who enjoy Porters will enjoy wines with strong tastes. Bordeaux wines have a characteristic minerality in their taste profile similar to the earthy hints in Porters. A Bordeaux might be lighter in alcohol level and while some would think that they have a medium body. They are high in tannins which makes up for their lower ABVs. A porter drinker will also be very pleased with the fact that these drinks also pair perfectly with the same dishes.

Cabernet Sauvignon for the Friends of the Classic Stouts

Sauvignons, particularly those from the Médoc area of Bordeaux, are famous for their intensity and complexity of secondary earthy aromas and flavors such as leather and tobacco. Aromas of licorice and dark cherries can also be found in these Cabernet Sauvignons. Stouts are also known for their high ABVs which can reach even 12%, so if you enjoy stouts because of their “alcoholic punch” then you shouldn't miss out on this wine.

Wine for Cider Lovers

Sparkling Wine for Cider Fanatics

If you like ciders then sparkling wines are right up your alley. I’m sure that this wasn’t a tough guess as apple cider mimosas are a very popular cocktail. The main similarity between sparkling wines and ciders is that they both have a high carbonation level. Ciders can be sweet, with strong apple scents and flavors, or dry, with a variety of fruity fragrances and flavors. Their alcohol by volume (ABV) might also range from low to high. The same approach applies to sparkling wines. There are dry sparkling wines, which are commonly labeled as “Brut”, and sweet and fruity sparkling wines, like Moscato d’Asti.

Wine Guide For Beer Lovers Conclusion

Hopefully we've covered all your beer favorites with wines you should love. If by chance you looking for specific beers for wine lovers, check out this article.

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