Non Alcoholic Wine – A Complete Review

Whether you’re in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle or wish to balance out your drinking routine, non alcoholic wine might just be the answer. While the idea might not seem like it will hit the mark, you’ll be surprised with what you find with Non Alcoholic Wine.

While not all non alcoholic wines will taste just as good, a selected few may give you a superior taste to wines you regularly drink. Available in a range of varieties from light refreshing white wines to deep full bodied reds, there’s a sea of non alcoholic wines to choose from, and the alcohol free wine category is rapidly growing. If this is the first time you’re considering non alcoholic wine, read this complete guide before you pick one to enjoy.

What Is Non Alcoholic Wine? 

Non alcoholic wine is just what its name implies. It is wine without alcohol. More precisely, it is wine that has either very little or no ethyl alcohol (ethanol) content. The best non alcoholic wines are the ones that provide the same great taste as a glass of wine that contains the normal levels of. Ideally, the absence of ethanol should not have a detectable impact on the taste or appearance of the wine so anyone drinking it won’t be able to tell it apart from regular wine.

With non alcoholic wine, you can enjoy wine without the negative health impact that comes with excess consumption of ethanol. Also, since it’s non alcoholic, you can enjoy it with family or colleagues and everyone can join in the toast, be it children, teens, adults or elderly.

How Is Non Alcoholic Wine Made?

It’s important to understand that not all non alcoholic wines are created equally. In its truest sense, non alcoholic wines implies a regular wine that has been subjected to a “dealcoholization” process to remove the alcohol from it without changing the flavor. So, to make non alcoholic wine, all the processes, including fermentation and aging, will be carried out as with the preparation of regular wine. After the wine is ready, an additional process will remove ethanol to create the final non alcoholic wine.

Wine Sulfite Remover

How to Make Non Alcoholic Wine

Currently, there are three methods to remove the alcohol from wine. The first, vacuum distillation evaporates alcohol and other volatiles at low temperatures and the aromas are subsequently added back to the wine afterwards. A second approach, spinning cone distillation columns involve repeated evaporation and condensation at low temperatures to separate the various components in wine so the ethanol can be discarded. Cheaper than these two methods is reverse osmosis that’s a filtration system to separate wine components based on their molecular size. Non alcoholic drinks made by these methods have no more than 0.5% alcohol remaining in them.

Non Alcoholic Wine vs Grape Juice

In contrast, certain products that also marketed under the name “non alcoholic wine”  are actually fruit-based carbonated drinks. While they may taste good, customers should know that these drinks have not been through the wine making processes or dealcoholization since they did not have any alcohol in them to start with. They are simply unfermented fruit juices.

If you’re looking for the non alcoholic wine that is an actual wine that has been subject to dealcoholization, look for terms like “alcohol removed” or “dealcoholization” on the packaging so you don’t end up buying expensive grape juice. 

Is Non Alcoholic Wine Healthy?

Research have shown that non alcoholic wines are actually healthier than their alcoholic counterparts. Though both varieties contain heart-healthy antioxidants, including polyphenols, alcohol in wine reduces the effects polyphenols have on your health. Studies show that non alcoholic wines outperform regular wines in reducing blood pressure, cholesterol level and lowering the risks of heart diseases and strokes. Non alcoholic wine is in fact a healthy choice for your lifestyle.

Can You Drink Non Alcoholic Wine While Pregnant?

The short answer is yes you can drink Non Alcoholic Wine While Pregnant.  As long as the wine has gone through the dealcoholization process we discussed above. Although alcohol free wine goes through the winemaking process, non-alcoholic wine has the alcohol completely removed. Pregnant or nursing women can receive the same healthy red wine benefits of it regular red wine counterpart. 

How Many Calories In Non Alcoholic Wine?

While alcohol easily destroys all your dieting goals, non alcoholic wine will work perfectly with your weight loss regime. If you’re on a diet and still getting wine cravings, feed them with non alcoholic wine without worrying about the calories. To be more precise, non alcoholic wine carries just 1/3 the calories compared to it’s alcoholic counterpart. On average, where you’ll find 15 to 30 calories per 100ml in non alcoholic wines, alcoholic wines offer 70 to 80 calories in each 100ml serving.

Does Non Alcoholic Wine Have Sulfites & Histamines?

Yes, non alcoholic wine has sulfites and histamines just like it's alcoholic brethren.  As we mentioned above, non alcoholic wine is made through the same process as regular wine. Then it goes through the various alcohol removal processes.  Though some sulfites might evaporate off, there remains the allergens that cause the various intolerance reactions. 

Best Non Alcoholic Wines Review

Take a look at the list of these best tasting non alcoholic wines so that everyone can enjoy every bit of the celebration - without the booze, of course!

Best Non Alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon

Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon Dealcoholized 

Looking for the best non alcoholic red wine? Formulated in a sustainable winery located in Paso Robles, California, this premium non alcoholic wine offers aromas of blackcurrant, cherry, chocolate and blueberries, all at the same time. Fermented in stainless steel and aged inside oak barrels, the wine is prepared in the same traditional way you have been expecting. Just before bottling, cold filtration is employed to gently and carefully remove the ethanol, bringing you an alcohol-free drink with the same great flavors, aromas and texture as good old-fashioned wine.

Best Non Alcoholic Chardonnays

St. Regis Chardonnay DeAlcoholized Wine

A favorite of reviewers, St. Regis Chardonnay De-Alcoholized is the perfect addition to any dinner, instantly transforming the meal into a celebration! The medium-finish and full body of the wine makes it pair excellently with most meals, be it pasta, steak or seafood. A beautiful combination of pears and apples, with a hint of oak in the flavor, this Chardonnay makes each sip an unforgettable experience.

Luminara Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay 2018

Perfect for formal gatherings, this light, creamy Napa Valley chardonnay is an epitome of fine taste and classic French winemaking traditions. With the aromas of tropical fruits of the Napa valley, combined with a palate of lemon cream and Fuji apple, this chardonnay offers an enriching experience after any meal.

After careful selection of fine quality grapes and their fermentation, alcohol is carefully removed using the advanced spinning cone column, making sure all the delicate flavors and aromas are completely conserved in the finished product. The wine is then aged in the traditional way in both French and American oak to bring you all the textures and structure of classic wine. For us this is one of the best tasting non alcoholic wines. 

Best Non Alcoholic Rose

Pierre Zēro Rosé

While most non alcoholic wines still have a 0.5% alcohol in the composition, Pierre Zero boasts a whooping 0% alcohol. Giving the centuries-old French winemaking culture an alcohol-free makeover, Pierre Zero line of products presents its ultimate Pierre Zero Rose for all the wine lovers out there.

Available in a shade of pale rose, the bottle is packed with flavors and aromas of fresh berries and stone fruits. The freshness in taste and the warmth in colors is combined with the unmistakable sparkle in the light, adding to the enriching experience. Besides blending perfectly with grilled food and pasta, the wine also makes an addicting combo with desserts!

Best Non Alcoholic Sparkling Wines

Sutter Home Fre Alcohol-Removed Sparkling Brut

First in line to create alcohol-removed wines, Sutter Home is a renowned American winery. Fre Sparkling Brut is a popular product of the winery that offers the same great taste and style of classic sparkling wine, only with the alcohol content removed before bottling the product. When celebrations and events call for a toast but you want something everyone can enjoy without the booze, Sparkling Brut is a fine choice.

It is a combination of authentic Chenin Blanc and Pinot Noir, which has later been dealcoholized through the superior spinning cone process producing this refreshing, sparkling alcohol-free drink for all occasions. With a burst of aromas of green apple, pear and stone fruits, it offers a bright and lively addition to any meal.

TÖST Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Beverage (12-Pack)

Any occasion that calls for popping up a bottle of champagne deserves a taste of this non alcoholic sparkling drink. The perfect combination to any meal, this blend offers intriguing flavors of white tea and ginger, with a hint of white cranberry. The Rose version of the drink, also in the pack, offers an unmistakable taste of elderberry in place of cranberry in the original version.

The formula is carefully designed with chefs to work well with most of your recipes. With all the authentic flavors, aromas and structure of wine minus the alcohol content, the product makes an excellent alternative for guests who can’t have wine but want to be a part of the celebration.

Non Alcoholic Wine - Conclusion

Now that you know what non alcoholic wine is all about and the best varieties in the market, it’s about time you try it out yourself. Besides being perfect for all occasions where alcoholic wine seems fitting, alcohol free wine offers even more. You can pop open a bottle at work to enjoy with colleagues or bring to a family reunion where everyone, young or old, can join in the celebration to the fullest!


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