Gifts for Charcuterie Lovers - 9 Distinctive Food and Beverage Gift Ideas

Searching for extraordinary gifts for wine and cheese lovers? Instead of going basic, choosing unusual gifts for food lovers is preferred. You can always get them their favorite bottle of wine or bring along a cheese they adore when they host, so for birthdays, holidays, or any gift-giving occasion, this gift guide for charcuterie lovers will help you find something truly special.

Charcuterie makes for a perfect companion to divine bottles of wine. To get great gifts for charcuterie lovers, you’ve got to consider what makes the experience so exceptional. With this gift guide for charcuterie lovers, you’re about to discover 9 unusual gifts for food lovers that will most assuredly be well-received.

Our Favorite Gifts for Charcuterie Lovers

Personalized Charcuterie Planks

Charcuterie Lover Gifts - Personalized Board

For the wine and cheese lover that has just moved into a new home and lacks the proper display for charcuterie, you could pick any old bamboo board, wrap it up, and call it a day. Or you could go for something more personal with engraving that makes it all their own.

These personalized charcuterie planks come in four different styles and gift sets that even have options for beer flights (certainly something to bookmark for other gift-giving occasions!). Every engraving is burned into the board for a truly impressive look so whether it’s a name, special date, quote, logo, or inside joke, you’ll be able to have an exclusive creation made for someone special.

The Phoenix Reusable Wine Purifier and Aerator

For the wine drinker that carries around pain relieving meds to counter those wine headaches and stuffy noses from the night before, The Phoenix® is the answer. It’s the only one of its kind – a reusable wine purifier and aerator that takes away histamines and sulfites from wine with every pour. It does so by using a disposable Biopod™ and will not change the natural taste, aroma, or hue of any bottle of wine.

There’s no more wasted wine, and no more wasted days with hangovers to stand in your way. This clever device is a must-have for anyone that loves wine but is far less enamored with the next-day after effects.

Charcuterie Platter

Charcuterie Gift Platter

Next up on the gift guide for charcuterie lovers, how about a handmade and fully-ready-to-enjoy charcuterie platter? This is one of the best gifts for wine and cheese lovers that just want to sit back and enjoy. It is delivered with European artisanal cured salami and meats sliced thinly for prime enjoyment. Accoutrements include pickled red onions, mini-gherkins, capers, artisanal crackers, bacon jam, and a homemade onion marmalade.

It would make the perfect “thank you” gift to someone well-deserving or a wonderful congratulatory gift too. Ultimately, the person that receives this gift will feel absolutely adored and spoiled by all these delicious treasures that await!

Personalized Cheese Knives

Cheese Knives - Charcuterie Lover Gifts

Golden cheese knives make for a beautiful presentation with charcuterie boards. This spectacular set of stainless steel cheese knives is an unusual gift for food lovers with a stunning golden color. The set of four includes a cheese fork, cheese spatula, spreader knife, and cheese spade, providing all the proper tools that any lover of cheese is sure to swoon over. With an option to engrave the last tool in the set with up to 2 lines of your best wishes for a timeless gift that will always have meaning.

Wine Pun Kitchen Towels

Wine Pun Kitchen Towels

Whether you want to add something to one of the other gifts on this gift guide for charcuterie lovers or you’re on a tight budget, wine pun kitchen towels add more fun to any home kitchen or bar. Made from 100% cotton, these decorative flour sack towels feature fun wine-related phrases including “Wine helps me adult,” “They whine, I wine,” and “People who love wine are always the best people,” plus many more!

Platters and Boards: Beautiful, Casual Spreads for Every Occasion

Charcuterie Lovers cookbook

Cookbooks are another way to go as a gift for wine and cheese lovers. A beautiful hardcover book makes for a great display as well as serves for inspiration for all those charcuterie and wine gatherings down the road. This best-selling cookbook by Shelly Westerhausen is the ultimate gift for anyone that loves to entertain. Gorgeous photography and an array of easy-to-prep recipes along with drink pairings make this an excellent choice to give someone that adores hosting friends and family.

Gold Cheese Marker with Pen

Cheese Marker

There’s nothing worse than heading over to a cheese platter at a party and not knowing which cheeses you’re tasting. That’s why these gold cheese markers are a fancy way of telling guests what’s being served. Made from stainless steel, this uniquely-shaped golden-hued markers present a polished and refined look that lasts. This set of 5 markers also comes with a dry-erase pen that allows for writing the names of any cheese. If you know someone that has a cheese board they love to use, this gift will absolutely delight!

Formaticum Cheese Storage Bags

Cheese Storage Bag

It should be criminal when cheese goes to waste. For those that love cheese, these cheese storage bags by Formaticum are a smart solution. They’re made from polyethylene and wax-coated paper which lets cheese properly breathe while regulating humidity. That means cheese will never get too moist or too dry when safely stowed within. With a space for labeling “cheese” and “date,” your recipient will always know which cheese in in it and how long it’s been there so they can always keep their favorite cheeses in exceptional freshness.

Spiced Oud Candle

KKW Charcuterie Candle

A good host knows that smells contribute to the way people feel. An often overlooked gift for wine and cheese lovers, this spiced oud candle from KKW Fragrance brings a warm and inviting air of sophistication to any space. Warm with a distinctive aroma, it sets the tone for any gathering with an elegant feel.

Now that you’ve reviewed this gift guide for charcuterie lovers, you’ll have plenty of ideas for gifts to give when holidays and special occasions arise. Indulge someone with them all or pick and choose for all your favorite wine and cheese lovers!

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