Canned Wine - Should You Pop a Top?

We've been getting a lot of questions about canned wine lately, and we're here to address them all. So, without further ado, let's pop the top on canned wine.

What Exactly is Canned Wine?

Well, it’s just wine packaged in a can. Any wine, from a crisp Chardonnay to a tannic Merlot, can be packed in a can. Same way beer can be in a bottle.

Canned Wine History Lesson

Wineries in the United States first attempted to can wine in 1936, barely a year after beers had been successfully packaged in cans, but they failed. These attempts lasted well into the 1990s, but they were short-lived because the wine quickly crumbled within the can. 

Stability of Canned Wine

The key issues they had to deal with were stability and longevity. Wine is a drink that undergoes a lot of transformations, even after it has been packaged. There are chemical ingredients in wine, which are entirely safe for humans but extremely destructive to aluminum in cans. These chemicals attack aluminum and can cause corrosion, resulting in leaking cans and an unpleasant rotten egg odor when they are opened.

Thanks Mate

All of these issues were solved in the mid-1990s when an Australian wine company took a more holistic approach to problem solving and discovered the perfect balance between the wine, the can, and the filling process. As a result, we can now drink high-quality wine in a container that maintains its stability and longevity throughout time.

Canned vs. Bottled Wine

That is, of course, a matter of personal preference. Canned and bottled wines are available in a wide variety of quality, but this is determined by the winery that makes them, not the packaging. Many wineries across the world use both packaging choices to meet the needs of their customers. Let’s take a look at the advantages that make canned wines so popular.

Advantages of Canned Wine

Wine in Cans Portability

For starters, they are significantly lighter and more durable, making them easier to carry around. Imagine going on a picnic and being able to bring a great wine without having to worry about the extra weight or the glasses breaking on the way. What if you forget to bring your bottle opener? That's a lot to deal with when all you want to do is relax and enjoy your picnic with wine.


Wine in cans also stay fresher because they are tightly packed and light and oxygen can not interact with the product inside. It’s not that uncommon to find bottled wines that haven’t been stored properly and as a result don’t taste that good. Light and oxygen can enter the bottles easier and affect the appearance and the taste of the wine by speeding up the aging process. These wines that have been affected by those two culprits tend to have a color that’s more yellow when it comes to white wines and more brown when it comes to reds. They also have faulty oxidation aromas that are more reminiscent of vinegar than wine. Who would want that?


Finally, canned wines are significantly more environmentally friendly, which is one of the reasons for their widespread popularity. We've all become more aware of the environmental situation in recent years. Therefore many winemakers prefer to package their products in cans, and consumers like to buy them since they are 100% recyclable. Cans also need less energy to chill than bottles since they cool faster.

Best Canned Wine

Canned Pinot Grigio by Dark Horse - Best White Wine in a Can

Canned Pinot Grigio - Dark Horse

If you enjoy white wines, we definitely recommend Canned Pinot Grigio by Dark Horse. It’s everything you would expect from a Pinot Grigio but in a can. This Californian white wine will have you coming back for more as it’s bright and crisp with notes of tart apple, citrusy aromas and a subtle minerality that will always make you feel refreshed.

HUN Rosé Bubbles - Best Canned Rose

HUN Rosé Bubbles

For rosé wine fans, a go-to wine is HUN Rosé Bubbles. It is produced in South Africa but has all the characteristics of an Italian frizzante wine. This sparkling Moscato is fruity, flowery and totally guilt free as it has only 69 calories per serving.

Old Vine Garnacha by Canned Wine Co. - Best Red Wine in a Can

Canned Red Wine - Old Vine garnacha

Finally, for red wine enthusiasts, take a go at Old Vine Garnacha by Canned Wine Co. Made from grapes harvested from selected old vines in the Aragon region of Spain, this smooth and balanced Garnacha has aromas of chocolate-coated cherries and vanilla spice that will warm your palate while also providing just the right amount of acidity.

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