Never-Ending Wine Myths - Dehydration and Wine Headaches

This post continues that story by exploring the myth of blaming wine headaches on dehydration.

The Wine Myth:
“My wine headaches are caused by dehydration. I just need to drink more water.”

The Wine Truth:
Drinking water will obviously help if you’re dehydrated, but wine headaches are most likely due to the wine.

Have you always assumed your wine headaches were because you didn't drink enough water before or after drinking wine?

Dehydration and Wine Headache Test

This myth is one of the easiest to test. All you would have to do is drink plenty of water before and after having a glass of wine. If you still get a headache, it’s not because of dehydration.  Consuming lots of water is however quite helpful by accelerating the flushing of various substances from your body that could be causing your ill effects. 

Wine Headache Alternate Reasons

Wine headaches can be brought on by many food, health, environmental, stress related factors and scientific findings are never final. With that being said, most wine headaches are typically caused either by ethanol toxicity due to consuming large a volume of alcoholic beverages over a short time period.  Or they can be caused by having an allergy-like reaction to something in the wine, like histamines and sulfites, see these blogs for additional information.

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