Today’s Forecast: A 99% Chance of Wine

Though not a mom yet myself, many of my closest friends are mothers of children ages newborn – 12 years old.  Not only are they moms, but they also are the Chief Operating Officers of their universe at home, at work, in the community, at their children’s schools, with social engagements, and on and on. They run small empires with arsenals of multi-tasking talents. And somehow, they still manage to be loving wives, caring mothers, discerning businesswomen, and amazing friends.

But let’s face it: The struggle is real! Being a mother to young children is a 24/7, 365 day a year type of job. And kids are kids. They’re precious, hilarious, disobedient, sticky, fast, early-rising, hungry, needy little boogers. And that’s why we love them.

There does seem to be one thing that most moms can agree on: WINE. As the saying goes, “The most expensive part of having children is all the wine you have to drink.”

In that spirit, I reached out to some of my favorite (and most responsible) moms and asked them to share about the connection between being a mother and that cherished glass of wine at the end of a day. Their responses were incredibly real, relatable and quite amusing. Enjoy these priceless sound bites!

Shelby E:  I start each day with a plan that makes sense. I’m a woman in charge and on schedule. By the end of the day, my plans are shot and I’m happy just to have survived. One afternoon last week I said this to my seven and four year old, “I don’t negotiate with terrorists and that includes you two. Please give Mommy a minute to celebrate the first miracle.”

Erika P: I was recently leaving a busy mall with my toddler and infant. As I was holding the infant, my two-year-old broke free from my other hand and ran full speed towards a bird in the parking lot. My heart skipped a beat as she dodged cars. Needless to say, I needed a few glasses of wine after that episode.

Kristen S: One day when I was on maternity leave and had the kids by myself, I finally broke down and couldn’t take it for another minute. I put one kid in another room, the other in a crib and poured a glass of wine. My husband came home to find me crying into my wine with no children in sight. He agreed that I wasn’t made to be a stay-at-home mom.

Andrea A: I love wine. I reward myself with a glass often after my son falls asleep for the night. The single mom struggle is real! It’s my time to unwind from the day.

Casey T: Where should I start? I should probably begin this afternoon. We spent it at a professional lice egg removal place. Disgusting. Wine, please.

Kelly H: I love my son so much! He’s 18 months old. He’s heavy. He’s curious. I recently told my husband I was done drinking wine on a Saturday. By Monday afternoon, I’d thrown in the towel.

Whitney C: If you feel the need to drink white wine with lunch, you’re not an alcoholic, you’re a mom! In all seriousness though, moms need to quit trying to be perfect. None of us are. We just make it through the day the best we can and try again tomorrow!

 Alexandra P: One day, minutes before the new buyers were scheduled to arrive for their final walk-through of our home, I noticed a serious sharpie graffiti situation and a child holding a marker at the end of the hall. I tried to play it off and distract a little, “Kids will be kids!” As soon as the buyers left, I poured a glass of wine.

Faeda E: You know what I love about wine? It’s the silence. The kids are in bed. They’re bathed. Their homework is done. My husband is relaxing. I live for this precious moment.

Cheers, moms!

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