The New Wine Charm that Does So Much More for Your Glass

Amid this Coronavirus craziness, it’s time to have some fun and be lighthearted with our go-to hibernation beverage—wine. 

PureWine is the brand offering two unique filtration systems that eliminate histamines and sulfites, the culprits causing headaches and other wine sensitivities, without altering the flavor of your delicious reds and whites. 

Upgrading its ever-popular individual filter, The Wand, PureWine introduces four different Charm Wands. 

Admire these end handle designs as you stir The Wand through your glass to eliminate side effects such as headaches. When you’re finished, twist off the charm and attach it to your glass, so you never lose track of it again.

Which charms will you choose?

  • ♥ HEARTS : for that special someone
  • LUCKY CLOVERS: we can all use more luck
  • ♦ DIAMONDS: for those special anniversaries
  • ♠ WINE DROPS: Wine not?

Charm your wine and get the benefits of the filter that does not add any harsh chemicals. The Wand™ is FDA compliant, BPA-Free and 100 percent made in the USA!


Don’t forget to order yours for Mother's Day on May 10 and National Wine Day coming up on May 25!

A Heartfelt Note from PureWine: 

A very special THANK YOU goes out to all the doctors, healthcare workers and first responders that serve with courage each day to heal and save lives. You are our heroes! We are pleased to partner with all of our customers who are medical professionals or health and wellness clinics as they serve on the front lines with the COVID-19 related stress issues caring for patients.  

Since wine has well-established health benefits and is able to help reduce stress, we are providing free supplies of The WandTM to all of the medical practices that are currently distributing PureWine products to patients who suffer from wine sensitivities.  

Follow @drinkpurewine on Instagram and tag your healthcare heroes. The brand will make sure to send them a token of appreciation. 


The PureWine™ team

The Wand - #1 Bestseller: $39.99