The Evolution of Wine: Meet the Father and Son Scientists Behind PureWine

Dr. David Meadows and his son Derek have a shared affinity for wine. Little did they know when they had their first glass together how it would change their lives and ultimately affect the way millions enjoy this beloved drink today.

Whether partaking in a vintage blend or a store-bought variety, both were left with wine headaches and allergy-like side effects. Like curious scientists, they hit the lab to understand the problem of wine allergies and to solve that age old annoying problem of wine headaches.

Father and son are both from Texas and have been close collaborators from the very beginnings for PureWine. David is a lifelong “tinkerer” and inventor with a degree in chemical engineering while Derek is a serial entrepreneur that has inherited his dad’s love of invention and interest in wine production.

Combining their love of science and wine, they ambitiously set out on a two-year journey to solve a 9,000-year-old problem – unpleasant side effects to drinking wine.

After spending an intense year conducting experiments in their kitchen and a local university laboratory, the “Eureka moment” arrived when together they found the perfect way to selectively remove histamines and sulfites in wine without changing the natural taste, color, or quality of the wine.

Wine Headache Problem Solved.

Wine Headache Solution by the Glass

“Based on our lab testing, we could see that our wine purification was working. When we tried that big, bold Cab and it was just as delicious as the original, we knew we had it!” says David.

“That’s when we toasted each other – To Your Health! – and that’s our motto today at PureWine,” adds Derek.

In 2016, the duo launched the first PureWine product, The Wand™, for a glass of wine, followed in 2018 by The Wave® for a bottle of wine.

Now that PureWine has celebrated its fifth anniversary, more than ten million
Wands and Waves have been sold and have received over 6,000 5-Star reviews

The strength of David and Derek’s relationship goes a long way into the success of the brand. They do a lot of things together aside from work, including travel and house projects.

Derek adds, “It's like any partnership. You know when someone's saying something and they mean it, and there is a deeper thought or deeper meaning behind it.  Or you know when someone is just blowing smoke that doesn’t check out.  So I think that’s a good balance. We can call each other out and defend ourselves.  The rewards come with building value.  Making an intangible idea, tangible.  That is pretty rewarding.”

“We truly are creating a new industry,” said David. “We never would have anticipated that. To be able to redefine, not only just a wine industry but also a health-related industry too, we never could have projected it. It aligns perfectly with the “better for you” movement within food and beverage that is exploding with many new and exciting products.”

Wine Headache Solution by the Bottle

To this day, their common mission for PureWine is to end the problem of wine allergies and to enable more people to enjoy the unique pleasures, realizing that nothing brings people together quite like wine. Let’s toast to that!

First in class. Best in the glass. Stay tuned for more inventive ways to enjoy a glass of wine from this forward-thinking duo.

Let’s all savor the wine….Not the wine headache!

The Wand - #1 Bestseller: $39.99