PureWine on Today - 13 best last-minute Valentine's Day gifts for 2021

PureWine was featured on this morning's Today Show as one of their best last minute Valentine's gifts for 2021! Check out an excerpt below, watch the video, and shop before supplies run out! ❤️

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Even if your next wine night won't be coming up soon, consider this gift an essential (even if the wine lover is yourself). These wand purifiers help extract sulfites and histamines from wine in just three minutes, helping to reduce your chances of skin flush and a nasty headache the next day. The brand also states that the purifiers can enhance the taste and aroma of the wine, and the longer you leave the wand submerged in your glass, the more it will purify it. Though the wands are single-use, you can keep the wine charm to adorn bottles in your fridge, or gift to a friend.

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