PureWine on DailyMail Australia - No more stuffy noses or flushed cheeks!

"Shoppers are obsessing over a $3.30 'wand purifier' for wine that claims to reduce headaches, stuffy nose, skin flush and bad hangovers.

Amazon is selling a 12 pack of PureWine pink wands for $39.81 - and it promises to purify a glass of wine in as little as three minutes. 

The wand claims to remove sulfites from red, white and sparkling wines without changing the natural flavour, aroma or colour of the drop.


"The products have received near-perfect reviews online, with many claiming they no longer suffered any allergy or sensitivity after stirring the wand in their glass of wine. 

'I love drinking my red wine, but I hate the after effects from the histamines due to my allergies. I was doubtful at first, but after two tries, I wake up with no allergy issues the next morning,' one said

Another wrote: 'I had stopped drinking wine completely because the headaches just weren't worth the brief enjoyment of a glass of good wine. With these filters, I can enjoy as much wine as I want, without the nasty headaches.'

While one woman added: 'It makes a world a difference! Actually you will notice this huge difference after using the wand for a while and then having wine without it."

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