Men's Journal Names The Wave™ a Pandemic Must-Have!

"As we continue to help slow the spread of COVID-19, it’s important to manage mental health and well-being while hunkered down indoors. Many turn to yoga or meditation, while others might try getting more creative in the kitchen.

Whatever the outlet may be, we’re all just trying to stay sane during this unprecedented time. In the spirit of making the best of this period of self-isolation, it’s worth turning attention to the items that make homebound life more pleasant and enjoyable ... 

The Wave™: Wine Filter and Aerator

At the end of a stressful day working from home while teaching “distance learning” to your kids, a nice glass of wine (or two) is a nice treat, if not necessity. For some, the side-effects of the next morning’s grogginess or headache, however, can be enough to damper all of that relaxing benefit. Enter, The Wave™ wine filter and aerator from PureWine, currently the only product on the market that removes both histamines and sulfites from your bottle of wine. Using its patented NanoPore filtration, this filter is safe—FDA compliant and BPA-Free—and it does not add any chemicals to your wine. It also aerates your entire bottle of wine as you pour. Wins across the board. Simply pop The Wave on top of your open bottle of wine, and let it do its thing. If you enjoy your happy hours, but can’t stand the next-day results, get this little wonder product behind your bar."

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