PureWine Founder Speaks at the Association of Migraine Disorders Virtual Migraine Symposium

The Migraine Symposium is a free one-day educational and celebratory event that expands understanding of migraine with the help of presentations by more than 35 experts and advocates from around the country. Each year, it dives into different topics to explore the spectrum of migraine. The symposium is divided into two tracks, one tailored to medical professionals and the other to patients and the general public, however, both programs are open to all attendees.

David Meadows, PhD and founder of PureWine gave an educational talk on Migraine Triggers & Histamine Intolerance. Check out the link to his presentation here: PureWine at the Migraine Symposium

Topics that Dr. Meadows spoke to included migraine triggers and the concept of the histamine "bucket", how these triggers sequence and accumulate, how to manage your own personal histamine bucket, an overview of histamine intolerance (HIT), what some common wine intolerance symptoms are, and what inflammatory events could be hiding in a glass of wine.

He concluded his talk with a science-backed explanation of how PureWine™ wine purifiers & aerators work to reduce the occurrence of headache and migraine, especially for those who may be extra sensitive to the histamines and sulfites that wine contains. 

PureWine™ is committed to the health and wellness of the chronic migraine community. You can find out more about the Association of Migraine Disorders at their website, www.migrainedisorders.org

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