The Benefits of Red Wine

The Benefits of Red Wine

So, red wine is good for me? Bingo!

It’s been one of those days. You know the kind. It starts with the soothing sound of your neighbor’s lawn mower, followed by the inevitable unscheduled conference call, and then it somehow wraps with a sick toddler and a husband who needs a hot meal. You feel me?

What’s a girl to do? Open a bottle of Pinot Noir, of course!

There’s a moment that happens between the “I’m losing my mind” moment and the corkscrew. It’s the vision of tomorrow…that quick calendar check. Then, the pesky pros and cons list auto-populates in your mind.

Pro: A glass of wine sounds perfect right about NOW.

Con: Tomorrow is going to be long, and a headache will make it longer.

Well, stop your mental debate. The occasional glass of red wine is good for you. We’ve done our research! According to many reputable doctors, medical studies and health experts, here are 5 reasons:

Tell it to your HEART.

Resveratrol, flavonoids and saponins, are the powerful antioxidants found in red wine that can protect you against cardiovascular diseases. Red wine in moderation also raises your HDL cholesterol, which is a really good thing for your heart and the rest of your body.

Oh my, your complexion is beautiful.

The antioxidants in red wine slow the aging process and help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

That smile!

It seems counterintuitive, but red wine actually HELPS those pearly whites. It hardens your tooth enamel, which in turn prevents tooth decay and bacteria growth. Also, the polyphenols found in red wine reduce gum inflammation and the risk of gum disease.


There are countless reasons to toss and turn – always something on your mind, huh? Have a glass of red wine. It contains melatonin, which can help you sleep peacefully. It’s not a permanent solution however, so if you experience sleeplessness often, call your doctor.

The scary word: Cancer

Red wine contains quercetin, which prevents lung cancer. Studies have also shown that red wine in moderation (1 to 3 glasses) greatly lowers the risk of breast cancer in women.

A glass of red wine hits the spot some days, and it packs so many health benefits! Drink it in moderation…and savor every sip!




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