Am I Allergic to Wine?

Up to 70% of people have some symptoms of wine allergies, on a spectrum from temporary to chronic. And for those most affected, many either have to avoid certain types of wine or stop drinking wine altogether.

The fact is that wine allergies are much like the seasonal allergies triggered by ragweed, pollen, grass, etc. Wine comes from Mother Nature, from the earth, so it’s no surprise that wine can set off the same congestion, skin flush, hives, scratchy throat and headache that those other familiar allergens do.

PureWine science identified histamines — found naturally in the skin of grapes, and found throughout Mother Nature and it certain types of foods and beverages — as well as sulfite presevatives — added to wine when it goes in the bottle to prevent oxidation —as the two main triggers of wine allergies.

Many people have reactions to histamines, and women above age 40 are particularly prone to histamine intolerance as a result of changing hormones and immune systems.