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Food Network Reviews, Rates & Loves The Wand™!

Food Network Reviews, Rates & Loves The Wand™!

A glass (or two-plus) of wine is all fun and games until the next morning. Weak stomach? A horrendous headache? Feel exhausted even though you’ve slept all day? It’s called a hangover and, man, it’s the worst. It’s okay, we’ve all been there before.
Truth is, hangovers are not created equal. Some studies suggest red wine is more likely to cause severe hangovers — sorry, merlot lovers!  There’s a possible reason why your wine hangovers feel so much worse than a night spent drinking beer or fruity cocktails: Bottles of red, white and rosé are usually filled with histamines and sulfite preservatives, which can give you a nasty headache.
There are a lot of ways to prevent a wine hangover — or any hangover, for that matter.  Drinking a lot of water and keeping boozy beverages to a minimum are two obvious ways. But if you want to enjoy a glass of cabernet or chardonnay without any of the harsh repercussions, you might want to pick up PureWine’s wand.

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