White wines were triggering my migraines. Not anymore I am beyond happy.

- Patricia C

Drank wine last night...used my wine wand and slept all night! A miracle!

- Dana M

I have told all my friends about them and they are ordering now too!!! Brilliant 

- Ashley F

I normally feel as if poisoned upon waking the next morning after drinking one glass of sulfated wine, not any longer!  Thank you!

- Pat A

My wife Janet, who has not been able to drink sulfated wine for the past 10 years, had two glasses last night. No headache.

- Bill E

I haven't had a sip of wine for more than twenty years until now.

- Susan B

I adore this product! I cannot live without it!  It's brilliant!

- Connie D

I’m finally able to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine! Normally before I even finish 1/2 glass, my fingers are swollen my face flushed and my heartburn kicking in.

- Gina T

The flavor isn’t affected at all whatsoever. I must say I am very pleased with my purchase 

- George W

LIFE CHANGING!  Thank so much! I will be a customer FOR LIFE! 

- Shannon R

I could NOT believe it when I woke up refreshed after a night of several glasses of wine and using The Wand. 

- Becky B

No more congestion or fuzzy head!  THIS IS AMAZING!!!!

- Nancy A

I am histamine intolerant and have found the wine wand to FINALLY allow me to enjoy a adult beverage again.

- Brie B