10 Best Easter Gift Ideas

Easter is right around the corner, and you’re searching for Easter gifts that will light up their day and make you the hero. Well, relax we have gift ideas that are perfect for everyone on that Easter gift list. We’re about to shake that Easter Bunny down for the 10 best Easter gift ideas that will rate 10/10 on the happiness scale.

Customizable Easter Baskets

Nothing says "Happy Easter" like a personalized Easter basket. Customize it with their name, fill it with their favorite candies, trinkets, stuffed animals, you name it! These always deliver a punch of joy, and let’s face it, nothing beats watching loved ones pull out each gift like a tiny treasure.

Easter Basket Idea - Best Easter Gift #1

Good Housekeeping has 44 Great Easter Basket Ideas to get you started. 

DIY Easter Coloring Page

Now here's a fun way to get your peeps in action! A do-it-yourself coloring set is a triple win — they get a fun project, the fridge gets some art, and it keeps their hands busy. Win-win-win!

DIY Easter Coloring Set - Best Easter Gift #2

One Little Project has dozens of Easter Coloring Pages to choose. 

Easter-Themed Pajamas

Bet your bottom dollar on this one, bro. Easter-themed PJs are the LITERAL definition of cozy comfort on a chill Easter morning. Bunnies, chicks, Easter eggs - it's all game.

Family Easter Pajamas

Amazon has dozens of Easter Themed Pajamas to choose from. 

Plush Easter Bunny

No Easter is complete without the big, fluffy mascot itself. So how 'bout a plush Easter bunny to hug and squeeze? Trust me, this little fella will become their cuddle buddy for days to come!

Plush Easter Bunny

Again Amazon is your go to for a wide selection of Plush Easter Bunnies.

Easter Bunny Ears Headband

Yup, you read that right. An Easter Bunny ears headband - It's quirky, fun, and perfect for those epic Easter selfies. Get them in fun colors or get a few, because these are trendy enough to make everybody rabbit-up!

Easter Bunny Headband

You can get multiple Easter Bunny Ears Headbands for just over a dollar at Amazon.  

Easter Egg Bath Bombs

These are not your Grandma's bath bombs - they're better! Easter egg bath bombs bring the bling with a pop of color and tons of fizzy fun. Plus, they smell divine and come with a little surprise inside. Gift them, and you'll be remembered every bath time.

Easter Bath Bombs


You get 12 Easter Bath Bombs to a pack for just over $1.50 a piece. 

Personalized Easter Eggs

Let’s step it up a notch and do more than just dye the eggs. Personalized Easter eggs sport names, dates, messages - whatever you desire, creating keepsakes that'll last well past the holiday.

Personalized Easter Eggs

Etsy has lots of options to choose from. Here is our favorite Personalized Easter Egg Supplier.

Chocolate Bunny

Face it, we can't talk Easter and leave out chocolate bunnies! Go big with giant ones or fill an entire basket with tiny ones - you simply can’t lose. This classic sweet treat has been winning hearts since forever.

Chocolate Bunny

 You can't beat Russel Stover when it comes to Chocolate Bunnies.

Easter Gifts For Wine Lovers

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include some Easter gifts for those who love wine.

Personalized Wine Glasses

First off in the lineup, we have personalized wine glasses. Talking about making Easter more eggs-tra special? Think about it, each sip down memory lane, they'll be thinking of you - every clink, it's a salute to your thoughtfulness.

Personalized Wine Glass

Again Etsy is our go to for everything personalized, especially wine glasses

Easter Wine Charms

Next up, wine charms! These little trinkets aren’t just for decor; they play a handy role during get-togethers or parties.

Easter Wine Charms

Once again, Etsy is your source for Easter Wine Charms

PureWine Wands

Honestly, no wine-lover Easter basket would be complete without adding in a supply of PureWine wands. These handy on-the-go wine purifiers make the perfect basket stuffer for those that suffer from wine allergies.

PureWine Wands - Best Easter Gift

Checkout our home page for the latest Easter specials. 


That's it, folks! Our top-tier list of the 10 best Easter gift ideas! From customizable Easter baskets and DIY coloring sets to plush Easter bunnies and personalized wine glasses, there’s a little something to give every Easter a golden touch. Remember, it's not about what you gift, but how you gift it. Even a tiny chocolate egg is huge if you gift it with love.


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