Enjoy Your Wine in October While Raising Funds to End Breast Cancer

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, PureWine will donate 5 percent of all sales of its special edition Pink Charm Wands during October to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer movement in North Texas 💕
We kicked off the campaign by donating $5,000 to the walk event.

PureWine, makers of wine purification systems, offers wine filters that eliminate headaches and other negative side effects by removing the histamines and sulfites that cause wine allergies, all without altering the flavor of this timeless beverage.

“We realize the importance of giving back to the communities we serve and one way to do this is by supporting breast cancer research which is close to our hearts,” said Dr. David Meadows, co-founder of PureWine. “We are advocates for health-conscious living. PureWine wants wine enthusiasts to enjoy the unique pleasures and proven health benefits of wine while helping raise funds for breast cancer research.”

The American Cancer Society started Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walks to unite communities in the fight against this deadly disease. Since 1993, more than 16 million walkers in the U.S. have raised $990 million to support the fight to end breast cancer.

To support the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer movement in North Texas, go to https://secure.acsevents.org/site/SPageServer?pagename=strides_learn.

About PureWine: PureWine was founded in 2014 by a father and son team, Dr. David Meadows and his son Derek. Both suffered from headaches and other allergic reactions related to their favorite wines. Instead of “whining” about their problems, they turned to the science of wine to create two purifiers that selectively remove histamines and sulfites without otherwise changing the chemistry of wine. In 2016, the duo launched the first PureWine product, The Wand™, for a glass of wine, followed in mid-2018 by The Wave™ for a bottle of wine. The mission of PureWine is to end the problem of wine allergies and to enable more people to enjoy the unique pleasures and health benefits of wine.

The American Cancer Society does not endorse any product or service. 

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