A Glass of PureWine with Dina Eastwood

A Glass of PureWine with Dina Eastwood

I recently had a glass of wine over the phone with Dina Eastwood. You may know Dina as the American reporter and TV news anchor. She also has an extraordinarily famous last name, having been married to Clint Eastwood for many years.

Dina is vibrant and thoughtful. She is happily newly wed to her best friend, Scott Fisher. She and the college basketball coach tied the knot on July 2nd of this year. When I asked her about her new marriage she said, “Scott’s been a dear friend for decades, and now I get to kiss his big, handsome self, too. I love him to pieces.”

Just a few weeks before her wedding at the Bacara Resort and Spa in Santa Barbara, Dina reached out to the PureWine team to inquire about buying some Wands for the guests at her big day. We quickly wrapped Wands and shipped them off with our best wishes for an amazing night – and so our friendship began.

Over the last few months, we have had some fun interactions with Dina. She kindly agreed to give me an interview. We talked about wine, memorable vacations and celebrations, The Wand™ , her 18-year-old daughter Morgan (with Clint Eastwood), her Instagram-famous pugs and her latest endeavors.

Me: What do you love about wine?

Dina: I love how wine is an ongoing education about places, flavors, subtleties in life…learning that wine has “notes” of this-or-that.

Me: What varietals are your favorites?

Dina: Due to my wine sensitivities, I mostly drink Pinot Grigio. I also enjoy the most exotic whites served by the glass when I can find them: Albarino, Verdicchio, Viognier and even Retsina!

Me: When do you enjoy wine most?

Dina: I’m a social drinker, so vacations and out to dinner mostly. My body doesn’t metabolize alcohol well.

Me: When did you first start noticing intolerance to the histamines and sulfites in wine?

Dina: I worked in the news business for a long time. We’d all go out after the 11pm newscast and have a drink or two with no negative side effects. At around 33, I noticed I didn’t feel as well when I drank. By 40, I pitched it as a news story – why women of a certain age don’t metabolize alcohol as well as they once did.

Me: Did you stop drinking wine for a time, or cut back? How did you manage?

Dina: I cut back, and now only drink one type of alcohol in a setting…maybe a few glasses of champagne at a wedding, or 2 ½ glasses of wine at dinner. Three glasses of wine puts me in ‘sick mode.’ I used to be a margarita girl, but have zero tolerance for tequila, even though it’s one of the least asthma-inducing alcohols.

Me: So, The Wand™ helps?

Dina: Being an initial skeptic about most products, I did experiment several times. I tried certain wines with The Wand™ and then without it. Wands do make a difference…they lessen, if not almost erase the negative symptoms I notice while enjoying wine, particularly congestion, headaches and nausea.

Me: What’s your favorite memory associated with a great bottle of wine?

Dina: In my ‘former life,’ I traveled a lot with my ex for his job. I recall a dinner with some of the greats from Warner Bros in the heart of Rome. At the time, traveling to exotic locations, drinking fine wines, dining on exceptional pasta – it was all new to me. I clearly remember drinking my first Retsina by the sea in Greece. I was in my twenties. And of course there are the dinners with my now husband, Scott. You know, those dinners after which I keep the cork because the night was so incredible. There’ve been a few I don’t remember much about, or where I put the damn cork!

Me: That’s hilarious. I think we’ve all been there a time or two. From all of your travels and culinary adventures, what’s your favorite wine and food pairing?

Dina: A nice white fish over pasta with capers, butter and lemon paired with a super crisp white wine is my dream meal.

Me: You’re making me really hungry…let’s change the subject! What’s the best advice you’ve given your daughter Morgan lately?

Dina: I remind her to stop and take a look at how fortunate we are, and to use this wonderful life to the best advantage for herself and others. She is a wonderfully compassionate person. I’ve also laid off trying to mold her into being an academic, or an athlete, or whatever. When she was 15, someone gave me some great advice. “She isn’t you. Don’t try to make her do anything. Let her figure it out!”

Me: You’re clearly an awesome mom, including to your prized pugs!

Dina: Our pugs, Coco and Chica, love a good Merlot. Just kidding. We love those pugs and our other two “snouts,” as if they were children. I didn’t have a dog until I was 48, so Coco was my first. We got her when she was 8 weeks old.

Me: What projects are you passionate about right now?

Dina: I’m in the final stretch of grad school at SJSU, getting an MFA in Creative Writing. My “little girl” dream was always to be a writer. At 50, I decided to act upon it. So, I hope to write articles and books! I do have a couple columns now for local magazines. I want to be good at what I do, hence the degree.

Thank you, Dina. We are so happy that The Wand™  works for you, and honored to call you a friend. Savor every sip!

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